How to Choose the Best Deck Installation Protective Coating

Regardless of whether a property owner is looking to protect their new deck installation from the elements or just looking to give it a more appealing look, deck coating does offer the ideal solution. Deck coating varies in color, it also provides different functions. It is vital to select one which specifically works with your decking and takes into consideration the wood’s ability to stand up to weathering, the requirement for water repellents, and other issues.

Previously, homeowners were told to wait for around one year after a deck installation before applying a coating. The reason behind this was to permit the decking to go through the different elements and weather. So as long as the deck does not have a water repellent used on it, coating your decking immediately after it’s installed is okay.

For people that have already purchased a house that has a deck installed, a simple test can be performed to see if the decking has already been treated with a water repellent solution. Home owners can pour water to the decking and watch its reaction. Should the water be absorbed, then no treatment has been applied, however, water which stands, puddles, or simply rolls off means it has been treated with a water repellent solution.

A decking’s weathering could point to the right coating choice. A coating which creates a film has to be used before any weathering happens because weathering will compromise a film’s ability to securely bond with the wood, which will result in peeling. Penetrating finishes, such as those which are oil-based and show a semi-transparent stain, will offer a homeowner extra room during the application method. These finishes can be used no matter what the deck’s state of weathering is.

It should also be noted that some deck coatings are considered film forming. Paint, oil, water based stains, and latex stains are all thought of as film forming finishes. Even custom oil-based stains have been reformulated to be thought of as film forming finishes.

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