Tips on How to Prepare for a Deck Installation

 Constructing a deck on your property will greatly increase the re-sale value to your home, in addition to your enjoyment of it, regardless of whether you are planning to throw parties or just want to enjoy the peace and beauty of your garden. Deck installation work will need some forward planning, and a properly planned out and constructed deck will be a great asset, which you can enjoy for many years to come. Which is why we at North Fence Company in Daly City CA, have provided a few helpful tips on planning and building a deck.

Know all the local building codes about decking, in addition to the size of your home, will  impact on how big your deck is allowed to be, plus the shape you are thinking about. In most cases, decking is required to support a greater deal of weight, more so sometimes than the floors within your home. So, you will need to check if your insurance policy covers any accidents which could happen on your deck if you do build it in compliance with the building codes within your region.

Get all the required permits; this can be done by checking with your local government agency, as they will either help or grant you the permit before you start constructing your deck, in addition to all inspections which are necessary during its construction.

Decide upon your deck’s size and style, in addition to where you will place it. Decking can be free-standing or connected to your house. Even though some codes are much more relaxed regarding free-standing decks, most homeowners think it is more convenient to have decks that are connected to their home. Choose the materials you want your deck to be built from. There are various hardwoods and composite materials which you can use. Materials range from the tropical Hardwood and plastic, to the more traditional cedar, pine, and redwood. The posts, columns, and framing, though, must be first pressure treated, otherwise, decay and rot will set in.

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