What Are the Different Options for Fence Replacement?

There are many kinds of exterior fencing that will be suitable for a host of circumstances and requirements. Some of the most common ones on the market today are chain, wood, chicken wire, vinyl, and picket fencing. When choosing a fence replacement style, first consider whether it is for containment purposes, appearance, privacy, or a mixture of all of them. It’s also important to keep in mind the initial cost and how much maintenance will be needed to keep the fencing in good condition.

Wood fencing is mainly for privacy and containment. It’s an excellent choice for making a buffer zone within busy areas and works well at creating boundaries in back gardens. Plus, it’s an excellent way to make sure a play area will be safe for children and animals. Wood fencing is popular due to its aesthetic qualities, and its abilities to be customized using wood stain. The downsides though are that it does need maintenance or fence replacement due to rot and damage done by insects.

Chain link is normally used for marking boundaries and containment. It is not as stylish as the other types of fencing, plus it doesn’t provide any privacy or aesthetics. Maybe the biggest advantage of a chain link fence is it is inexpensive and available in nearly ever y home improvement store. The downside is that it will rust and may need the replacement of certain parts on occasion.

Vinyl exterior fencing has been steadily growing in popularity mostly due to it being maintenance free. Vinyl is completely resistant to the differing elements, so it won’t get damaged or rot like metal or wood. Most individuals find it quite pleasing to the eye, and there are several different styles that you can pick from.

Chicken wire is the least attractive kind of exterior fencing; however, it is extremely practical in some situations. It is suited for keeping in chickens and small animals and for protecting yards against animal intruders. The biggest advantage is that chicken wire is very cheap and easy to install. The downsides is that it is not durable and does rust quickly.

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