What Are the Different Kinds of Wood Retaining Walls?

Wooden retaining walls can be made of several different kinds of wood which are created for durability, strength, and are water resistant. Pressure treated wood could be used for walls which will be in constant contact with moisture; however, this will be more expensive than other kinds of wood. Untreated wood could be used, however, steps have to be undertaken to make sure the wood has been waterproofed; waterproofing will need to be performed every year. Rail road ties could also be used for wooden retaining walls, however, these can be hard to work with due to their composition and weight.

Cedar is an excellent material to be used for retaining walls, although cedar can be more expensive than other kinds of wood. Cedar is a good choice due to the fact it is naturally water resistant and will resist insect infestations, and it is mold and mildew resistant. The natural beauty of cedar makes it an excellent option. Unlike other kind of wood, cedar does not have to be chemically treated, although after a few years exposure to the elements, it will start to fade.

Railroad ties are used sometimes to design wooden retaining walls. These are extremely durable and very heavy and difficult to work with. They have a tendency to splinter and contain a lot of creosote which is harmful to a person’s health. Should a builder be considering using these to build a retaining wall, they should ensure to get the rail road ties legally; taking them from a railroad or property is illegal and will be punished by law. Building these types of walls will need more than one builder due to the fact they are very heavy and hard to move.

Apart from cedar, pressure-treated wood is a good choice for wooden retaining walls. This wood will be chemically treated to resist moisture, plus other elements and will last much longer than untreated wood.

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