What Is the Best Wood to Use to Build a Wood Fence?

Fences can be built using several different kinds of wood. The varieties include economical but short lived Southern Pine, the popular Cedar, traditional sturdy Oak and very strong teak. The choice will depend upon a mixture of economic and geographic factors. The price for a wood fence will vary by type, and the most expensive will not necessarily be the best choice in every situation.

Yellow Southern Pine is pliable and adaptable for fences. When treated, ensure tha tit is resistant to termites and the such, treated Pine is an excellent choice for wooden fences. It is the least expensive choice for a wood fence.

Western red and Eastern white Cedar provide alternatives to treated lumber. Knotted Cedar is the least-expensive and has a rustic look. Clear grades give a more polished appearance. Cedar is resistant to moisture and insects, and tends to shrink less. Fences built from Cedar are as pliable as Pine but last much longer.

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